Meeting of the minds

Enough politics. Back to a more wholesome topic… Here’s a photo of a dinner we held for Anind Dey at the Brasserie on the River a couple of weeks ago. The photo contains two of my previously mentioned ubiquitous computing inspirators. Clockwise from the top right we have Jaga Indulska, Anind Dey, Karen Henricksen (Robinson), Read more about Meeting of the minds[…]

Libertarianism is not anarchism

Jim considers standing for the LDP at the next election (I take my hat off to you, sir), and Kerry gets all hot under the collar at the prospect. Libertarianism upholds the principle of individual conscience and responsibility in preference to the nannying state, an idea which I whole-heartedly support. Kerry is essentially saying that Read more about Libertarianism is not anarchism[…]

Ubiquitous Computing: People who inspire me

A few weeks ago, I discovered that IEEE Distributed Systems Online maintains a list of the key people in the field of mobile and pervasive computing. Here’s a much shorter list of people in pervasive computing whose work has inspired me. The list might be biased towards the sub-areas of ubiquitous computing with which I Read more about Ubiquitous Computing: People who inspire me[…]

Steve Jobs: the second most powerful man on Earth

According to Vanity Fair’s 2007 ranking of the most powerful people on Earth, Steve Jobs comes in at number two, just behind Rupert Murdoch. That’s a big call, but not too far off the mark, I think. Apple has always been the company to beat in terms of style and innovation. The difference now is Read more about Steve Jobs: the second most powerful man on Earth[…]

Innovation in a vacuum

Brisbane (and Australia, for that matter) needs more crazy rich people willing to invest in technology startups. Probably mindbogglingly obvious, but that’s the conclusion I’ve drawn after reading another of Paul Graham‘s insightful essays. Brisbane does not have nearly enough venture capitalists to create a critical mass of technology companies. This means that despite the Read more about Innovation in a vacuum[…]

Uncalculated threat: the stay-at-home generation

The excellent Paul Graham observes that the cost of getting a web startup off the ground is very low, and getting lower. Hence the proliferation of so-called Web 2.0 companies. He, like me, believes there’s still a lot of room for more web startups. Facebook, YouTube and company are only the beginning. Innovative minds will Read more about Uncalculated threat: the stay-at-home generation[…]