The Landing Pilot is the Non-Handling Pilot

The Landing Pilot is the Non-Handling Pilot until the “decision altitude” call, when the Handling Non-Landing Pilot hands the handling to the Non-Handling Landing Pilot, unless the latter calls “go-around”, in which case the Handling Non-Landing Pilot, continues Handling and the Non-Handling Landing Pilot continues non-handling until the next call of “land” or “go-around”, as Read more about The Landing Pilot is the Non-Handling Pilot[…]

Free internet access on the train in Brisbane

Queensland Rail will be offering south-east Queensland commuters free wireless access to the internet from early 2010, according to the Minister for Transport, Rachel Nolan. This access will use spare capacity on the infrastructure used to transmit real-time video footage from surveillance cameras to QR’s control room at Central Station. One thing from that story Read more about Free internet access on the train in Brisbane[…]

Installing the mysql rubygem on Leopard

There are so many sites offering suggestions on how to get the mysql rubygem working on Mac OS X Leopard. None of them worked for me. Here’s how I got the gem installed. After attempting to install the gem normally, with sudo gem install mysql (which bombs out), go into /Library/Ruby/Gems/1.8/gems/mysql-2.7 or wherever it tried Read more about Installing the mysql rubygem on Leopard[…]

Augmented reality on your mobile: the next big thing?

It’s been a while in the making, but augmented reality on your mobile is just about here. And by that, I mean that these applications are available for your mobile phone, and it will only be a matter of time before they gain critical mass. So what am I talking about? In the research space, Read more about Augmented reality on your mobile: the next big thing?[…]

Many Eyes

I’ve been playing with Many Eyes from IBM Alphaworks. It’s a visualisation tool for data sets of various sorts. To test it out, I uploaded my Olympic medals per kilotonne of carbon emissions data sets. You can see the data sets here and here, and the resulting bar charts here and here, respectively (Java required).

TransLink go card: beginning to irk me

I’m still ahead. But would you believe that, on the very day of my previous post about the go card, the go card machine in the bus failed to work when I needed to get off the bus at Forest Lake? How’s that for coincidence? Exactly the same thing happened again last night when trying Read more about TransLink go card: beginning to irk me[…]

Startup: an explanation

It’s probably time to come clean about my recent spate of posts on startups, Ruby, Python and so on. Well, there are a few things about peer review and publishing in the realm of academia that I think could be better, so I tried to figure out an alternative process that retains the benefits and Read more about Startup: an explanation[…]

Ricky, Ruby and Rails (hypothetically speaking)

In the bits of spare time I get here and there, I’ve been continuing my hypothetical hunt for a language and web framework in which to implement my hypothetical "web 2.0" idea. It occurs to me that if all these little bits of spare time were clumped together so that I could, hypothetically, do some Read more about Ricky, Ruby and Rails (hypothetically speaking)[…]