The PACE framework for context-aware computing

A long time ago, in a Cooperative Research Centre far, far away (well, actually, it used to be just across the road from where I’m writing this post, but it sadly met its demise), a small group of researchers worked on a ubiquitous computing project that came to be known as PACE: Pervasive Autonomic Context-aware Read more about The PACE framework for context-aware computing[…]

Ben on ubicomp: spot on

True: Often we seem to use the term Ubiquitous Computing to mean “computers everywhere” as if just having the hardware all over the place was a worthwhile end in itself. But maybe a better meaning is “computing available when you want it in a way that makes sense for where you are and what you’re Read more about Ben on ubicomp: spot on[…]

Augmented reality on your mobile: the next big thing?

It’s been a while in the making, but augmented reality on your mobile is just about here. And by that, I mean that these applications are available for your mobile phone, and it will only be a matter of time before they gain critical mass. So what am I talking about? In the research space, Read more about Augmented reality on your mobile: the next big thing?[…]

Another tangible user interface

The GroupLab at the University of Calgary has published a technical report describing Souvenirs, a tangible user interface for sharing digital photos in the home environment. It is very similar in spirit to Bowl, which I’ve previously blogged. Souvenirs will be formally published in the Proceedings of the 2008 ACM Conference on Designing Interactive Systems. Read more about Another tangible user interface[…]

Finding a human need

I’ve been reading over old ubicomp papers in preparation for a new project at NICTA. So it was that I found myself reading “Charting Past, Present, and Future Research in Ubiquitous Computing“, by Gregory Abowd and Elizabeth Mynatt (whom, incidentally, should surely be listed among those ubiquitous computing researchers who inspire me – particularly Abowd, Read more about Finding a human need[…]

Bowl: token-based media for children

Ben delicioused me a link to an interesting paper called “Bowl: token-based media for children“. It describes a media player that is controlled by placing various objects (tokens) into a bowl. The idea was to create a control interface that is easy for children to use and which establishes links between particular physical objects and Read more about Bowl: token-based media for children[…]

Android – the open platform for mobile apps

So Android has been released. As I suspected, Google has not actually released a phone of their own. Could be an interesting platform for researchers in the mobile/ubiquitous computing space who want to develop prototypes quickly. One of the creators of the platform hopes that someone develops an application that can help interpret his wife’s Read more about Android – the open platform for mobile apps[…]

Meeting of the minds

Enough politics. Back to a more wholesome topic… Here’s a photo of a dinner we held for Anind Dey at the Brasserie on the River a couple of weeks ago. The photo contains two of my previously mentioned ubiquitous computing inspirators. Clockwise from the top right we have Jaga Indulska, Anind Dey, Karen Henricksen (Robinson), Read more about Meeting of the minds[…]

Ubiquitous Computing: People who inspire me

A few weeks ago, I discovered that IEEE Distributed Systems Online maintains a list of the key people in the field of mobile and pervasive computing. Here’s a much shorter list of people in pervasive computing whose work has inspired me. The list might be biased towards the sub-areas of ubiquitous computing with which I Read more about Ubiquitous Computing: People who inspire me[…]