Of Thanksgiving Turkeys and Black Swans

A couple of months ago I finished reading The Black Swan (TBS) by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. I suspect I’ll read it again sometime. In a nutshell, TBS is about (un)predictability, uncertainty and knowledge. Karen and the kids bought me the second edition of TBS for Fathers’ Day. It’s the one with a lengthy postscript essay, Read more about Of Thanksgiving Turkeys and Black Swans[…]

The Australian and the new Battle of Jericho

When the Israelites crossed the River Jordan into the land of Canaan, they came upon the city of Jericho. God spoke to the leader of the Israelites, Joshua, saying he and seven priests should walk around the city once a day with the Ark of the Covenant, until the seventh day, at which time they Read more about The Australian and the new Battle of Jericho[…]

How do you like your coffee?

While enjoying a fantastic cup of coffee courtesy of the Kuranda Coffee Republic up near Cairns, I remembered that I wanted to write something about the various “socially responsible” trade organisations, specifically those that have a strong association to the coffee trade. Of late, there are two main socially responsible trade systems vying for your Read more about How do you like your coffee?[…]

When policing is not policing

Nick Holmes a Court had his Blackberry forceably confiscated from his person by NSW police after he filmed them conducting a search. Apparently, the police had no right to do this, thank goodness. Holmes a Court twittered his experience minutes after the incident. I’ve previously documented my thinking on issues of surveillance, though I hadn’t Read more about When policing is not policing[…]

The Rudd shop

Have you seen the Kevin Rudd memorabilia store? It’s a hoot. My favourite items are the Kevin Rudd Decisive Action Doll, and the School Computer. I certainly had a laugh, but one does have to wonder whether the Liberals might have found a better use of their limited funds… Nah!

A most singular election

It is a rare election that, by its outcome alone, achieves something so profound as the recent US presidential race. Ultimately, Barack Obama will, rightly, be judged by his accomplishments as the 44th President of the United States of America. He ascends to the presidency at a time of global economic turmoil; an era in Read more about A most singular election[…]

The best commentary on the global economic crisis

Believe it or not, some of the best commentary I’ve found on the financial crisis sweeping the globe has been on the Essential Baby forum. Two posts by someone called LucyE, made in the week leading up to the approval of the bail out plan, are particularly good. The second post is the better of Read more about The best commentary on the global economic crisis[…]