Thanks for your help

To those who responded to my plea for help by leaving a comment or responding out-of-band, thank you very much. We’ve settled on a name for our application, purchased the corresponding domain names and filed a trade mark application. Will keep you posted as things evolve further. But just to give you an idea, we’ve Read more about Thanks for your help[…]

Startup: an explanation

It’s probably time to come clean about my recent spate of posts on startups, Ruby, Python and so on. Well, there are a few things about peer review and publishing in the realm of academia that I think could be better, so I tried to figure out an alternative process that retains the benefits and Read more about Startup: an explanation[…]

Startup: what you said

So it turns out that quite a few readers of this weblog use Bloglines. For some reason, Bloglines stopped sucking down the RSS feed for this weblog after March 19 until three days ago. Did other feed readers experience similar difficulties with my blog? I know Google Reader continued to work, as did the RSS Read more about Startup: what you said[…]

Startup: a hypothetical scenario

Picture yourself in the following situation. You’ve come up with what you think is a cool idea for a so-called web 2.0 site. Furthermore, you’ve managed to convince some VC types to invest some (pre-)seed funding – enough to develop a public beta. You developed a quick and dirty proof-of-concept to show the VCs, but Read more about Startup: a hypothetical scenario[…]

Own a share of a football club, and help pick the team

I’m fascinated by the idea of ordinary football fans being able to own a football club and collaborating to decide on which players to buy and sell. This idea is very close to reality as MyFootballClub has agreed terms with Ebbsfleet United FC to buy a controlling share of that club. MyFootballClub members get a Read more about Own a share of a football club, and help pick the team[…]

Innovation in a vacuum

Brisbane (and Australia, for that matter) needs more crazy rich people willing to invest in technology startups. Probably mindbogglingly obvious, but that’s the conclusion I’ve drawn after reading another of Paul Graham‘s insightful essays. Brisbane does not have nearly enough venture capitalists to create a critical mass of technology companies. This means that despite the Read more about Innovation in a vacuum[…]

Uncalculated threat: the stay-at-home generation

The excellent Paul Graham observes that the cost of getting a web startup off the ground is very low, and getting lower. Hence the proliferation of so-called Web 2.0 companies. He, like me, believes there’s still a lot of room for more web startups. Facebook, YouTube and company are only the beginning. Innovative minds will Read more about Uncalculated threat: the stay-at-home generation[…]