Upgraded to WordPress 2.7

So as per my last post, I’ve been playing around with my weblog a bit. I’ve upgraded to WordPress 2.7, which features a completely overhauled administration dashboard. In addition, threaded comments are now built into WordPress, so there’s no need for a plugin. I just needed to hack my theme a little bit to take Read more about Upgraded to WordPress 2.7[…]

Re-organised weblog categories

The list of categories on my weblog was slowly growing. So I overhauled them. I’ve reduced them to a set of six, and converted the others to tags. I noticed that, for a long time now, when it comes to publishing an article, I’ve been fighting the urge to add a new category. Now I Read more about Re-organised weblog categories[…]


I was looking for a desktop blogging client for an aspiring photo blogger. The one that seemed to meet all the requirements (free, works on a Mac, easy to upload photos stored in iPhoto, support for WordPress) is ScribeFire. It’s a plugin for Firefox and seems to be highly regarded by many bloggers. Uploading photos Read more about ScribeFire[…]

Website rationalised

Welcome to my new look weblog. Observant readers might notice that the URL for The Thin Line has changed. To accommodate this change, the content that was at rickyrobinson.id.au has been consigned to the dustbin of history. It was simply too difficult to keep two websites updated with fresh content. Now you’ll find everything at Read more about Website rationalised[…]

Internet or internet?

I’ve always used a capital ‘I’ when writing about “the Internet” – the publicly accessible network of interconnected computer networks. This is because I thought it was a proper noun, like “Shanghai”. It’s also useful, perhaps, to distinguish between the Internet and an internet, the latter being any internetworked set of computer networks. But the Read more about Internet or internet?[…]

The changes continue

I’m continuing to fiddle with this weblog in whatever spare time I have. Just think, in the cumulative time I’ve spent blogging and stuffing around with this website, I probably could have built a small house. Anyway, I’ve added an “About” page and a “Disclaimer” page, the latter being about as useful as a lawyer Read more about The changes continue[…]