Internet or internet?

I’ve always used a capital ‘I’ when writing about “the Internet” – the publicly accessible network of interconnected computer networks. This is because I thought it was a proper noun, like “Shanghai”. It’s also useful, perhaps, to distinguish between the Internet and an internet, the latter being any internetworked set of computer networks. But the distinction between these terms can be made by looking at the definite (“the”) or indefinite (“an”) article preceding the word “internet”, so the capitalisation is redundant. Furthermore, there’s only one sky, but we don’t tend to capitalise the ‘s’. So, like many others, I’m making the switch to lowercase. I will use a lowercase ‘i’ whenever I write the word “internet” unless it’s in a title or at the beginning of a sentence. The same goes for “the web” and related terms.

How long until I start using lowercase ‘i’ for the first person singular pronoun like danah boyd (lowercase intended) does?