The anti-liberal Liberals

More and more the Liberal Party under John Howard is retreating from liberalism towards authoritarianism. The latest blow to the cause of liberalism and free speech in this country is the banning of books, DVDs and other material deemed to “advocate” terrorism. The Liberal Party has lost the courage of its convictions, and so too, Read more about The anti-liberal Liberals[…]

A Climate Change Reality Check?

Anyone who’s interested in the climate change debate (and I’m still of the opinion that there is a debate) should read this two-part paper published in the World Economics Journal at the end of last year. It’s a critical analysis of the Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change, a document that has arguably Read more about A Climate Change Reality Check?[…]

Difference between social media and old media

In listing a few of the differences between new (social) media and old media, Scoble writes The media above can’t be changed. A newspaper can’t magically change its stories, even if society decides something in them is incorrect. My blog can be updated for all readers nearly instantly if someone demonstrates that I was wrong Read more about Difference between social media and old media[…]

Misconceptions of research collaboration

NOTE: A clarification of this article has been posted here. In the latest edition of The Australian’s Higher Education Supplement, Julian Cribb (Adjunct Professor of Science Communication, UTS) voices his dissatisfaction with current scientific research policy in this country (The Australian, HES, page 23, 20/12/2006) by drawing on the findings of a Productivity Commission report. Read more about Misconceptions of research collaboration[…]

Opposition leader Kevin Rudd

Well, it’s been almost a week since the Labor caucus ousted Kim Beazley and elected Kevin Rudd as their new leader and Julia Gillard as his deputy. In my last post, I made the comment that it might have been in Labor’s best interests for Kevin to wait until after the next election before contesting Read more about Opposition leader Kevin Rudd[…]

Canberra: Safeguarding Australia Summit

I spent most of the week down in Canberra, where I attended the Safeguarding Australia Summit with Karen and a few other NICTA people. The summit consisted of a plenary stream, a NICTA stream, and a satellite technology stream. The last day of the summit was taken up by the Research Network for a Secure Read more about Canberra: Safeguarding Australia Summit[…]