The 2020 summit: farce or force for the future?

What were the big ideas emerging from the 2020 Summit? In amongst the calls for reviews of this system and that (after all, calling for a review of something is a mindbogglingly novel idea) and the establishment of commissions here, there and everywhere, there were some interesting ideas, but very few novel ones. The idea Read more about The 2020 summit: farce or force for the future?[…]

A contrarian view on climate change

I’ve put this here, not because I agree with it, but because this kind of thing frequently goes unreported by the mainstream media. To me, this is worthy news, even if it’s not particularly good science. Manhattan Declaration on Climate Change “Global warming” is not a global crisis We, the scientists and researchers in climate Read more about A contrarian view on climate change[…]

Book review: The Upside of Down

Albert Einstein once said In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity. I suppose it is this observation that lies at the heart of The Upside of Down: Catastrophe, Creativity, and the Renewal of Civilization, a book by Thomas Homer-Dixon. I was really looking forward to reading this book, having read an interview that New Read more about Book review: The Upside of Down[…]

Final observations on election 2007

Kevin Rudd and Labor have out-Liberaled the Liberals by saying they’ll spend $2.3 billion in their campaign launch compared to Howard’s whopping $8.5 billion. All I can say is good on them. Massive government spending in a time of real inflationary pressures is, as Kevin 2.0 puts it, reckless. I’ve noticed the Greens have been Read more about Final observations on election 2007[…]

Libertarianism is not anarchism

Jim considers standing for the LDP at the next election (I take my hat off to you, sir), and Kerry gets all hot under the collar at the prospect. Libertarianism upholds the principle of individual conscience and responsibility in preference to the nannying state, an idea which I whole-heartedly support. Kerry is essentially saying that Read more about Libertarianism is not anarchism[…]