The anti-liberal Liberals

More and more the Liberal Party under John Howard is retreating from liberalism towards authoritarianism. The latest blow to the cause of liberalism and free speech in this country is the banning of books, DVDs and other material deemed to “advocate” terrorism. The Liberal Party has lost the courage of its convictions, and so too, it seems, have the Australian people. Friedrich Hayek, whom Kevin Rudd would have us believe is the father of John Howard’s policies, would be dismayed at this latest assault on the liberal cause. I will have more on Kevin Rudd’s laughable statement to The Australian at a later date. But for now, I think all Australians need to wake up to this slow and steady erosion of our freedoms before it’s too late. Our system of liberalism and democracy is strong enough to absorb the odd hate-filled book or DVD. If we don’t believe that, we may as well abandon our current system in favour of an authoritarian or totalitarian regime – the very kind that we, supposedly, abhor.