Fox News Channel

Watching Fox News Channel is highly entertaining. After having watched quite a lot of it recently, I can’t say that it’s as biased as I once thought, though it still clearly does have a leaning toward the conservative side of politics. But, that’s probably okay since some of the other channels have a clear leaning toward “progressive” side of politics. However, I’m fascinated by the weight Fox News Channel gives to some stories.

For the past weeks, the intrigue surrounding the death of Anna Nicole Smith has been given an extraordinary amount of air-time. I can see why: it’s highly interesting stuff. Who’s the father of her baby (there are at least three possibilities, though another one surfaced in the last day or so)? How did she die? Was it murder, and if so, whodunnit?

Competing for air-time are the annual Spring Break and the Democrat bill to pull the troops out of Iraq by the end of August 2008. Among the questions being asked by Bill O’Reilly and co are why are young women doing all sorts of lewd things these days for what seems like barely any compensation? In particular, they ask why women will do pretty much anything for the Girls Gone Wild film crew in return for a t-shirt. Probably alcohol (and other stuff) has a bit to do with it, but it surely can’t be the sole explanation for the phenomenon. Again, an interesting story, but hardly worth the major air-time it’s getting. I wonder how it’s affecting Fox’s ratings?

The story about the House Democrats Bill is both interesting and fairly covered by Fox in my opinion. There’ve been numerous guests on a number of different shows debating the merits of the Bill. Personally, I’m not sure whether politicians in the House of Representatives ought to trying to dictate military strategy. Furthermore, while I’ve never really followed the progress of previous US Bills so closely, the level of pork barrelling that was required to get this Bill passed by the House seemed unbelievable to me. Democrat representatives have inserted subsidies for everything from shellfish to shrimp to peanuts and spinach, to the tune of $21 billion. How a Bill called “U.S. Troop Readiness, Veterans’ Health and Iraq Accountability Act” can have anything to do with any of that stuff is beyond me. Even some of the Democrat sympathisers on Fox News were understandably struggling to justify these inclusions.

While I haven’t seen an actual news story on the incredible events at the Cricket World Cup on Fox News, the ticker at the bottom of the screen does show breaking news related to the murder of Bob Woolmer. So Fox News in the US is not completely oblivious to the world of cricket. Anyway, I can’t believe what’s going on in the Windies. Cricket, it seems, still has major, major problems to solve.