Final observations on election 2007

Kevin Rudd and Labor have out-Liberaled the Liberals by saying they’ll spend $2.3 billion in their campaign launch compared to Howard’s whopping $8.5 billion. All I can say is good on them. Massive government spending in a time of real inflationary pressures is, as Kevin 2.0 puts it, reckless.

I’ve noticed the Greens have been taking out half page advertisements in mX. In Thursday’s edition (mX, page 11, 15/11/2007), their advertisement headed “Stop Climate Change” says “2° degrees of global warming is our limit” and “Scientists say if global warming passes 2° degrees there will be disastrous consequences for our planet and society.” I’m sure that in each case they meant to say “2° Celsius”. I know it’s not a huge blunder, but it still makes you wonder about the thoroughness of their party machine, and to screw up on a topic on which they’re supposed to be authoratative is a bit worrying. I don’t think it will hurt them, though. The 2007 election will probably be one of their best yet. For what it’s worth, I’m no longer a member of the Greens.