A gracious victory speech

Nicolas Sarkozy, during his victory speech after the French Presidential election:

This evening is a victory for France.

I ask you to be generous, to be tolerant, to be fraternal. I ask you to hold out your hand. I ask you to give the image of a France that is united, together, which leaves no-one at the side of the road.

My dear friends, I have seen victories before in my career. But victory is only beautiful if it is generous. Victory is not vengeance – it is being open in spirit. Victory only has meaning if it is victory for the country in its entirety.

Millions of French are watching us. Millions of French have placed their trust in us. You must understand that the first people I wish to address are those who did not place their trust in us.

I want them to understand that I will be a president of the republic for all the French without exception.

Sarkozy was elected with 53 percent of the vote and a clear mandate to forge ahead with his plan to rupture from the past.