Citemine: a new way to do peer review and publishing

As you probably know, I’m a ubicomp researcher by day. However, on the side, NICTA‘s allowed me to allocate some of my time to develop a new way for researchers to review and publish papers. We’ve deployed a very early proof-of-concept of our idea called Citemine. We think Citemine has several nice properties, including a potentially more meaningful measure of research quality than existing indicators such as h index and raw citation counts. You can read all about the underlying mechanism in Citemine here. Until we deploy a feedback mechanism for papers, please leave your comments about Citemine at the official Citemine blog.

Note that we’re experiencing a few difficulties with our Citemine production server environment, which means slow page loads from time to time. And it’s clearly lacking polish, but hopefully it serves its purpose as a proof-of-concept so that you can get a feel for what it’s all about. But please do read the paper. I’ve been told it’s a fun read.