This post was written using Writely, a web-based word-processing application. As far as web-based WYSIWYG word-processors go, I must say I quite like it. It even supports the direct posting of documents to your blog, as long as your blog software supports an XML-RPC based API (which WordPress and many others do). But blogging is just one use of Writely. You can use it in place of your regular word processor if you so wish. Furthermore, it allows you to collaborate on a document with other Writely users. Writely is free to use. You just need a Google account (Upstartle, the company that developed Writely, was acquired by Google in March this year). I’m sure everybody must already know about Writely and that I’m just very slow. I came across a reference to Writely while reading about Web 2.0 (don’t you just love buzzwords) in case it was relevant to a project proposal I’m helping to put together.