Temperature forecast for France

Below are the temperature forecasts for the places we’ll be visiting in France, Belgium and Holland. Each forecast is for the first day on which we’ll be in a particular city/province. The temperatures, except for those of Paris, are the average temperatures for the relevant day of the year. Given that temperatures this year appear to be about five or six degrees below average, I think some of these figures need to be adjusted downwards. I have warm clothes, but I think I’m going to need even warmer ones!

City Min (°C) Max (°C)
Paris 0 6
Marseille 6 14
Lyon 3 12
Loire Valley 4 13
Normandy Unavailable (today’s min: -3) Unavailable (today’s max: 3)
Brussels 3 10
Amsterdam 2 11

The current temperature in Paris is 3°C with an overnight low of -3°C. It is forecast to snow.