Royale with cheese

This weekend I played around with a program called Cinelerra, a non-linear video editor for linux. It’s pretty cool. I’m trying to put together a shortened version of the video footage from my family’s New Zealand holiday earlier this year. It might take a while, because there’s five hours’ worth of footage to edit. Hopefully I’ll end up with something around one hour long. So far I’ve just been practicing on low resolution clips. The results are promising. Cinelerra is great, although I have to say it’s probably the most unstable linux application I’ve ever used. But whenever it crashes, you just restart it and continue from where you left off because it does automatic saves every time you do something.

I handed Jaga my analysis chapter, minus one of the sections. I’m fairly happy with my progress. Hope Jaga is happy with the content!

Spent much of the weekend with K, who is back from overseas. Still no word about her Ph.D. How long can it take for the university to write a letter (a form letter, no doubt) and send it? Anyway, today we went to the Dutch festival in Richlands, where I tried raw herring and poffertjes. I think I like poffertjes better than raw herring :).

Nigel bought a bunch of DVDs from the Brisbane market at Rocklea, including Vanilla Sky and The Bruce Willis Collection. I think the only film in The Bruce Willis Collection that is half decent is Pulp Fiction, and Nigel and I watched that tonight. There was less jumping back and forth in the timeline than I remember. Samuel L. Jackson’s character is cool, but Harvey Keitel’s character is the personification of cool.