Is there a doctor in the house?

It’s official: Karen has been awarded a Ph.D! We went and checked at the thesis office on Tuesday after lunch, and it turns out the personal copy of her thesis and the award letter had been sitting there since the 9th of September! So she’d been Dr. K for two weeks without even knowing it. Anyway, this was, of course, great news. Last night we went to Thai on High in Highgate Hill (my favourite Thai restaurant) to celebrate.

I purchased a copy of the Outfoxed DVD today, which I think I mentioned in one of my previous posts. It should arrive shortly, I hope. Coincidentally, last night Dateline ran a story about this documentary. I saw the rerun today at 1pm (I’ve been a bit under the weather for the last couple of days, which is why I was watching TV in the middle of a weekday). The documentary has become far more popular than the maker thought it would be. Shameless advertisement: if you want the DVD, you can buy it at the Outfoxed website, or you can get it for free when you make a donation to the AlterNet Fight Fox Campaign. For those of you who don’t know, AlterNet is mounting a legal challenge to the "Fair and Balanced" trademark used by Fox to promote their news channel on the grounds that it is misleading, deceptive and notoriously mis-descriptive. In an unrelated case, a U.S. District Judge has already stated that Fox’s right to the trademark is not very strong, and that if it were challenged, it might well be revoked. So these AlterNet guys decided to launch a challenge. Good on them! But I fear they have a mountain to climb, especially when justice or the foiling of justice is, these days, really just a question of how deep your pockets are. Rupert’s are very deep.

I’m very happy with my Fedora Core 2 installation. Very nice. I’ve also finally got around to using apt-get and yum (but mainly apt-get) to keep my packages up to date and to install new software. I was previously doing most things by hand, or not bothering to upgrade at all. With apt-get everything is so much easier. I know many you are saying "well dah", but I’m just slow on the uptake, alright. I’ve switched to using Firefox (0.9.3, and yes, I know 1.0PR is available) as a web browser. It’s okay, but I’m positive it’s quite a bit slower than Galeon was. I’m having a bit of difficulty installing extensions, even as root. After clicking on an extension package, the package seems to download, but nothing happens. No dialog box. Nothing. What am I doing wrong? The geekiness quota has definitely been reached for this post. Moving right along, then…

My brother seems to be going on a major DVD splurge lately. I mentioned he recently bought a whole of DVDs at the Sunday market in Rocklea. Well today he bought two "classic" movies for Mum, and he bought the Star Wars Trilogy Boxed Set for himself. I’m not complaining, since I love Star Wars. He also mentioned that he gets to buy any THQ published game for an enormous discount. So no doubt he’ll be buying a few more Playstation games in the near future. So I guess he gets to choose from titles like Bob the BuilderTM: Can we fix it?, Britney’s Dance Beat (RA would like that one :), Full Spectrum Warrior (for the PC) and Summoner 2 among others. So where are my bonuses and in kind payments? Oh, that’s right, I don’t have a job yet. I’ll be needing one of those fairly soon.

I set myself a bedtime deadline of 10pm tonight. I’ve already overshot that by one and half hours. If I’m feeling very ill tomorrow, I can’t blame anyone but me. I hate that. ;-)