Steady progress

Slowly but steadily making progress on the thesis. I’m still writing the analysis chapter, but hey, I always expected this to be the chapter that takes the longest (except for the literature survey, maybe). The analysis has proven to be very helpful. The mathematical model for the ants protocol has suggested some improvements I can make that I would never have discovered if I’d just done a regular experiment with the prototype.

We hired a bunch of movies over the weekend. The pick of them was The Pianist. I can’t remember any other movie where the four of us (Mum, Dad, Nigel and I) watched a movie in absolute silence, transfixed to the television screen. As Dad commented after the film was over, the same sort of thing has been done before, but not as well. It really was a great film, and deserved the awards it received.

K is in Singapore, a little bit under the weather. Jaga should be back in Australia by now. I hope I have a thesis chapter to show her soon!