Forget Medicare, bring back my EPL! Please?

Don’t you just love election time? We’re offering a tea set, says one lot. We’ll see their tea set and raise them a set of steak knives, says the other lot. Will the Medicare issue ever die? I’m sure the government very recently made changes to Medicare (the so called safety net), so why weren’t these changes made back then?

For me, this upcoming election won’t be about voting somebody particular in, it will be all about voting John Howard and the Liberals out. I’ve voted Liberal in a Federal election before, but I cannot, with a clear conscience, vote for somebody who has systematically lied to the nation, committed us to an illegal war and abused the trust that we put in him and his party. This election is about something much deeper than interest rates, economics and Medicare. This election is about what is fundamentally right and wrong. I would like to believe that my fellow Australians will put those issues above economics and all the rest of it.

Our family was considering signing up for Foxtel because they have exclusive rights to the English Premier League, and will also have exclusive rights to the new Australian soccer league when it starts up in 2005. But we all decided it was far too expensive. We couldn’t justify the cost. At almost $50 a month just for the basic package, and up to $229 to get connected, it isn’t worth it. Furthermore, the "special offer" from Telstra which gives you 50 free local calls a month if your phone service is with Telstra and if you get Foxtel through them is anything but special. If you also have Bigpond Internet then you get 125 free local calls. Who the heck makes 125 local calls a month? The offer is insulting. A real offer would give you a discount on your phone bill every month, regardless of how many calls you make. Maybe free line rental or something. Whatever. As it stands, it’s a disgusting joke. Cost aside, by far the majority of reviews I’ve read about Foxtel Digital are negative. Existing Foxtel customers especially (the ones who upgraded from analogue to digital) seem to be aggrieved and complain about the customer service. Google it for yourself.