Blog gets performance boost

In order to improve the performance of the blog, I’ve moved Tomcat over onto a faster machine. Apache is still running on an old box, though. I’m currently trying to get a newer version of Apache talking to Tomcat. When that happens, I’ll move Apache over to the faster machine as well. As it stands there is a huge performance improvement. I hope this improvement is noticeable for users on the other side of my cable modem!

We had a leisurely Sunday. It started out by giving Dad a few goodies for Father’s Day. Nigel then took Dad to see The Corporation at the Schonell Theatre. Dad thought it was great. Then we went to Fasta Pasta at Stones Corner. Pretty good. I’ll go there again sometime.

I heard from K last night. She’s enjoying herself in London. She’s seen Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament among other things. She’s off to Nottingham with Jaga today.

Tomorrow (er, today, even) is a stay at home and write thesis day. Hopefully the day after will be much the same, except that I have prac supervision first thing on Tuesday morning.