2004-06-07 01:04:06

From RFC 1521 (the MIME RFC):

       Rule #1: (General 8-bit representation) Any octet, except those
       indicating a line break according to the newline convention of the
       canonical (standard) form of the data being encoded, may be
       represented by an "=" followed by a two digit hexadecimal
       representation of the octet's value.  The digits of the
       hexadecimal alphabet, for this purpose, are "0123456789ABCDEF".
       Uppercase letters must be used when sending hexadecimal data,
       though a robust implementation may choose to recognize lowercase
       letters on receipt.  Thus, for example, the value 12 (ASCII form
       feed) can be represented by "=0C", and the value 61 (ASCII EQUAL
       SIGN) can be represented by "=3D".  Except when the following
       rules allow an alternative encoding, this rule is mandatory.

So that explains it, then. Now how to deal with it? …

By the way, I’ve reverted to my old blog script for entering this post! :)