2003-07-24 14:15:29

Finally, after about three months of non-correspondence, SU decides to e-mail me. It was nice to hear from her again. She does seem very busy, and so It’s probably a bit selfish of me to expect to get regular e-mails from her. However, after – holy crap, it’s been almost two years – almost two years of frequent correspondence I think it’s fair that I was wondering what had become of her when I heard nothing from her for a few months. Anyway, she did apologise profusely for not replying sooner.

The BBQ that I hastily arranged for Sunday will probably be a fizzer. The guest of honour :) has to go meet his grandparents on Sunday now. For most of us, it’s not everyday you get to see your grandparents, especially if you live at opposite ends of the country. I’ll probably still just have a couple of the boys around. The guest of honour can come around for dinner next week some time instead, before he heads back down to Melbourne.

Phoned the plumber to see if he could come around and fix the flush on one of the toilets. We have a rather uncommon model of loo, so it turns out it will take some time to order in the correct part for the flush mechanism. There’s a little hook thing that joins the flush mechanism to the buttons on top of the cistern. The hook snapped clean through. I also called Mr Antenna to arrange a consultation. He (or rather a representative from Mr Antenna) is going to come around on Monday morning. Really all I need is a signal detector so that I can locate the best position for the TV antenna on the roof, and to test whether we can clearly receive the UHF frequencies that the new free to air digital television channels use. There are some rather large fig trees between my house and Mt Coot-tha (where the TV stations broadcast from). They absorb a good portion of the TV signal. Also, the signal bounces off the next door neighbour’s roof, which causes a double image effect on some channels. The trees might pose a challenging problem if I ever get around to setting up a Brismesh node. IL, another famous non-corresponder by the way ;), says he’s going to attempt to install a wireless access point on top of GP South. I might almost have line of sight from my house to the roof of GP South if I aim the microwave underneath the trees’ foliage. Brismesh may be a useful test bed if I ever get my service discovery stuff completed, so I ought to participate in Brismesh meetings and so forth, I think.

Today I wrote out my ideas about how to aggregate multiple separate distributed hashtables. I think I have a workable and scalable solution, but it’s time to go to sleep, so I’m not going to explain it now. Actually, it was time to go to sleep an hour ago…