2003-07-27 08:21:42

Had a bit of a BBQ today, attended by my housemates, my cousing Terry, Boggo and SEM’s friend, Valentine, who is staying with us for a few days.

Last night I went clubbing with Nigel and Terry. We intended to go to Level 5, but there was some kind of special event on (a singer) that we weren’t interested in. So we walked around a bit, collecting two-for-one cards, and eventually decided to check out The Vibe on Elizabeth St. It was pretty lame, but to be fair it was still early. We probably got there at 9.45pm. But we had are few rounds of two-for-one Bourbon and Colas and left. They were using Old Crow Bourbon, which didn’t make things much better! The best part about The Vibe was that we recalled a very funny story (funny for us, but not for anyone else: it was a "You had to be there" story) from a party we had in Caloundra several months ago. I crack up completely every time I think about it. We spent the rest of the night at the Stock Exchange. Danced the night away, and had a lot of fun. But I am slightly deaf in one ear. There were a few techno type tracks that were played entirely too loudly, and simply had the effect of making everyone on the dance floor cringe and stick their fingers in their ears. We got home at 4am in the morning. I’m very tired as I sit here typing this. :)

It’s quite cool at the moment. So cool in fact that I felt it necessary to turn on the air conditioner to warm the house. It’s probably only the third or so time we’ve used the air conditioner this winter.