2003-06-26 02:51:02

NSW wrapped up the State of Origin series last night with a thoroughly deserved win. QLD was hopeless. They showed none of the famed QLD spirit of years gone by, but even that spirit wouldn’t have helped this bunch. They were truly outclassed. Andrew Johns was magic, as usual. IMHO, he’s better than Wally Lewis ever was. Game 3 of the series will still be played in a few weeks. NSW will be attempting to make it a 3-0 whitewash, and QLD will be endeavouring to save face.

According to the research plan I’m staring at on my office wall, my model for service discovery ought to be complete by the end of June. Not likely, but I’ll make my best attempt anyway. I sense the plan mocking me, with its big, bold letters and its ambitious set of deadlines. The nerve of the thing, to deride its own creator. I’m sure it snickers when I turn my back, but I will show it, ha ha! I will put it in its place!