2003-06-26 00:39:45

I finally submitted my complex systems paper for review. It was a bit late, but the submission web page was still open so there shouldn’t be any problems. I think the paper turned out pretty well, and I hope the reviewers agree.

KMH didn’t take too kindly to the hanging of Bob the Bear with his own scarf. I needed a five minute distraction because a bug in my simulation code was starting to frustrate me, so I decided to string up Bob the Bear. RW was humoured. KMH was not altogether impressed when she saw Bob hanging from the top of her computer monitor the next day. The funniest bit is that she automatically suspected RW for the evil deed. I could get away with murder in that place, honestly. RW and I maintain it was an assisted suicide anyway. The distraction fulfilled its purpose, as I fixed the simulation and eventually got my paper submitted (two days later).

I’m not sure if I ever mentioned what happened with our Freddo Frog experiment, (or indeed if I’ve even mentioned the Freddo experiment previously). After three or so weeks, nobody had been tempted to take Freddo off our door. We had many people ask us why there was a Freddo Frog taped to our office door, but we said nothing. Eventually, instead of eating Freddo, some twisted soul decided to crucify Freddo by taping a crucifix to the door and then pinning Freddo to it. That marked the end of our experiment. I believe Freddo is still lying around in our office somewhere, recuperating from his ordeal. Anyway, I’m sure that means that I win the wager we three had going. My conviction was that Freddo would remain there indefinitely (meaning the duration of the experiment, which RW and I agreed would be a month, though I’m unsure whether we ever consulted KMH on this matter). It provided a bit of fun anyway. Students and lecturers were suitably amused by the chocolate frog strapped to our office door.