2003-05-29 00:44:19

My alarm goes off at 4am in the morning. WTF?!!! Then I remembered: The Champions League final. I was dead tired, having gone to bed around midnight. So it was time to do a bit of reasoning. Sleepy reasoning, but reasoning nonetheless. Who was playing? Two Italian teams. AC Milan and Juventus. That probably means a defensive game of football. Nedved, who would have been one of the best players on the field, was suspended. Would there be a reply on TV later tonight? Probably. Conclusion: stuff it, I’m going back to sleep!

As it happens, this turned out to be a pretty good decision. A nil-all draw after extra time, so the game was decided on penalties. AC Milan won 3-2. By most accounts, it was a pretty dour game, but AC Milan was the more enterprising and deserved to win. I’m glad I stayed in bed!