2003-04-09 23:33:02

It appears my fears of a long street battle in Iraq are unfounded. The US has captured much of Baghdad, and most of the Iraqi civilians are celebrating the fall of Saddam Hussein. All I can say is "thank goodness for this!&quot A statue of Saddam has been felled and its head dragged around the streets. Although it’s possible the war for Baghdad could be protracted, at the moment this seems unlikely. The faster Baghdad is secured, the faster the search for chemical and biological weapons can begin, afterall this was the stated reason and the trigger for this war, so they’d better find some. Now that this war has been fought against the wishes of much of the world (including my wishes), it would be disastrous if chemical or biological weapons are not found.

So far I have marked one COMP4301 assignment. Hopefully I can mark a few more today.