2003-04-04 15:17:23

Tennis got rained out today, so Boggo and I went to the Pig ‘n’ Whistle instead. There was a half decent band doing covers, and quite enjoyed the music.

We’ve settled on a house mate. She will move into the room in two weeks, because she has to give two week’s notice to her current house mate/landlord. Her name is Sylvie Elsa and she’s from France. She speaks Spanish and she’s vegetarian, which is excellent for me! I’m sure I’ll get along with her, and I hope Nigel and Riko can get along with her as well.

Riko suggested we have a BBQ at South Bank last night. It was very pleasant, and we should make more use of the facilities at South Bank because it is so close. The BBQs are electric. You just push a button and let it go. However, the first BBQ we tried wasn’t heating up properly, so it took us rather longer than it should have to cook our dinner! The second BBQ we tried heated up straight away, and cooked our food in a matter of a few minutes.

The allies have started using cluster bombs against the Iraqis. It was only a matter of time before they resorted to horrible weapons like these. It is such a strange situation: the allies are using banned weapons in an illegal war that has as its objective to rid Iraq of banned weapons.

Turkey looks to have accepted $US1 billion in bribes from the US. Turkey have agreed not to get involved in northern Iraq. I suppose bribing Turkey is a outcome than the possible mess that could have eventuated if Turkey had decided to cross Iraq’s northern border. I wonder whether Saddam Hussein would have accepted $US1 billion in bribes to step down as President of Iraq. I don’t suppose so, since he lived in luxury anyway. I don’t suppose more money would have meant much to him.