A year of parenthood

Xander's Birthday

It’s been just over a year since Xander was born, and I can quite honestly say it’s been the most fulfilling year of my life so far. Parenthood is everything they say it is: tiring, rewarding, sometimes difficult, but ultimately truly wonderful. To me the year seems to have passed fairly quickly, although it’s been jam packed with stuff.

Xander had a fantastic 1st birthday party, meticulously organised by his mummy. He’s just started walking, and he has a penchant for climbing stuff. He likes to try to climb the dresser by sort of doing chin ups and then getting traction with his feet against the cupboard. His favourite word is “bird”, though lately he’s really into “balloons” (because we’ve still got bunches of them hanging around our house from his birthday). He’s a happy and frightfully energetic little soul.

We’re still dealing with his allergy problem, but we’ve got an appointment with one of the two paediatric allergists in the state in October (somehow we managed to jump the 13 month waiting list, which we’re kind of relieved about, because his allergy isn’t limited to cow’s milk protein, unfortunately). One gets the feeling that allergies are still not well understood by medical researchers. Nobody seems to agree about how they come about or what the best course of action is.

The second year of his life is going to be an eventful one for our family, with a few things on the agenda before next July. Here’s hoping it all goes smoothly!