Goodbye 7, hello 8

2007 was a huge year for my family and me. The main event was, of course, the birth of our son, Xander, on 07/07/07. For that reason, 2007 is one of the best years on record, but also one of the most challenging. Karen’s done a wonderful job and made some pretty big sacrifices…

Unfortunately the year didn’t end quite as well as it might have. Xander had an anaphylactic reaction when we tried to feed him some formula for the first time. He’s probably allergic to cow’s milk protein, we’ve been told. Within five to ten minutes of beginning his feed, he’d developed dark red blotches on his face, little white welts appeared in his elbow and knee creases and around his ankles, and his eyeballs went red and swollen. He was howling and trying to scratch his eyes out.

That was all pretty scary, but the hospital fixed him up pretty quickly with a dose of antihistamines and steroids. There’s a good chance he’ll grow out of this allergy in a few years, but there’s also a chance he’s allergic to nuts (among other things). We’ll find out when he has some allergy testing conducted.

This year is set to be another big one on a number of fronts. I extend to all the readers of The Thin Line my very best wishes for 2008; may it be joyful and prosperous. Happy New Year everyone!