My Christmas haul

I already mentioned that I was given the book Nineteen Eighty-Four for Christmas (by my parents-in-law). I’m enjoying it much more this time around than when I read it for the first time sometime during my teens. Karen bought me the new U2 CD, U218 Singles. It’s a compilation of U2’s greatest hits, plus two new singles. She also got me a nice pair of Jensen headphones to replace the dodgy ones I have at work. Mum got me some clothes (I was hanging out for a new pair of shorts – I’m utterly hopeless at buying new clothes when I need to, though my Mum and Karen are trying to correct that flaw), Dad got me a 2007-2008 calendar of Italy, which I’ll hang in my office space at work, and Nigel got me some chocolates and an Angus and Robertson book voucher. I’ll probably spend the book voucher on The Road to Serfdom, Capitalism and Freedom or Animal Farm. Karen and I also bought ourselves some goodies, such as the Canon MVX430 video camera.