Wine Tasting Tour

Karen and I finally found a spare weekend to enjoy the wine tasting tour that was given to us as a wedding present by some of my friends. It was wonderful. We drove around the Mount Tamborine area in a Landcrusier with our guide and another couple, stopping at four wineries and a park where we had a picnic lunch. We tasted pretty much all the wine that was on offer. Since we had to drive back to Brisbane, I ended up spitting most of the wine into the little bucket things that they provide for that purpose.

We knew the first winery, Cedar Creek, very well, as that’s where our wedding reception was held. It was great to go back and visit it, because it brought back some very happy memories of our special day. It was especially nice that some of the staff at Cedar Creek remembered us by name. We ended up buying some Tawny Port. However, we’d also previously bought a couple of bottles of wine (their trademark Rosé and some kind of Semillon I think). No doubt we’ll visit Cedar Creek many more times yet.

The next stop was Mount Nathan winery. Neither of us thought that much of the wines at this place. A lot of the Mount Nathan wines have honey added to them!!! However, we did like the cream-based drinks. They had chocolate cream, butterscotch cream and coffee cream. I think they all had honey in them too. We bought a butterscotch cream and a coffee cream. Then it was time for lunch.

Perhaps the best winery of the lot was Albert River Wines. It was a nice setting: an old colonial style home on a vast acreage, some of which was used to grow grapes. The wines here were good, and we got a lesson in wine tasting. They had a delicious port, which we purchased, and a pretty good Merlot (some people won’t drink Merlot; in general, though, Merlot is probably my pick of red wines). I’d like to visit Albert River Winery on a Sunday so we can enjoy the Vineyard Grill.

Our last stop was Witches Falls Winery, back up Mount Tamborine. Our favourite wine at this place was the Saignée, a sweet Rosé like wine. We picked up a bottle of that as well as some caramelised balsamic vinegar.

It was a terrific day, and we’d like to thank Anna, Ian, Matthew (Boggo), Nathan and Rhys for giving us such a cool gift (we’re going to use up the other half of your gift, the gondola cruise, the weekend after next). Sadly, most of the stuff we bought along the way is not for us!