High Tea at the City Garden’s Cafe

On Sunday previous, we (Karen’s family and mine) celebrated Karen’s birthday at the City Gardens Cafe. Neither Karen nor I had ever partaken of a proper high tea before, so it was something we were both looking forward to.

Since I haven’t done a Devonshire Tea review in a while, I will do a short one for the high tea instead.
The food, of which there was an abundance, was served on a three tiered platter. The bottom platter had an assortment of pesto sandwiches. The middle tier had battered fish pieces, meat balls and scones with jam and cream. The top platter had a multitude of sweets such as cakes, slices and white chocolate. Everything was delicious. The scones were small, but perfectly baked. (Their small size was more than compensated for by all the other food anyway.) The jam and cream came in the requisite little pots, and the tea itself was better than acceptable, though there was not nearly enough of it. The setting couldn’t have been more perfect. The cafe is situated on top of a hill towards the rear of the Brisbane Botanical Gardens. We all went for a walk after eating our fill.

I’d definitely go to the City Gardens Cafe for high tea again. 9/10.