There are a few jobs on offer that I know of, and I’ve been asked to spread the word about them. First of all, there’s a software engineering job or two at global-roam Pty Ltd, who are currently based in Toowong. global-roam develops applications that relate to the National Electricity Market (NEM). NEM-Watch is the flagship product, and it allows users to watch the NEM in real-time. Most, if not all, companies that have a direct or indirect interest in the NEM use NEM-Watch and/or one of global-roam’s other products. These include organisations like Origin Energy, Energex, departments within state and federal governments, as well as newspapers (like the Smage) and companies like Toshiba who provide generator components.

I’ll give a brief overview of the kind of candidate global-roam is looking for. The candidate global-roam seeks will be able to point to some previous applications they have developed, and have a basic understanding of the NEM (there’s plenty of information online about the operation of the NEM if you’d like to do some research). The candidate will be able to develop applications that handle large quantities of data that are sourced in real-time from various locations. Ideally, the candidate will be an ace at designing and implementing intuitive, good-looking graphical user interfaces, and have some experience with .NET and C# in particular. This job is advertised in various places other than the global-roam web site. Free trial versions of all global-roam products are available for download (after obtaining an ID).

When I was in Melbourne, I met Andrew Smith from the Key Centre for Human Factors based at UQ. He asked me if I knew anybody interested in working as a full-time programmer on the Leximancer Project. I couldn’t think of anybody off the top of my head, because most ex-DSTC software engineering person seem to have found employment already, and the Ph.D. students I know are not quite at a point where they can take up a full-time job. I believe the job consists of programming in Perl and Java, although prior experience with Perl is not a prerequisite since apparently the Perl component could be picked up by any competent programmer. The Leximancer Project builds conceptual maps from collections of documents by automagically extracting the important information from the documents. Please contact Andrew if you are interested in the position.