Bonjour, La France!

In celebration of my impending thesis submission and just because we want to, Karen and I are off to France next month for a few weeks. We’re also going to the Netherlands for a little while to imbibe their culture. Well actually, Karen’s got this notion of bringing back some of those blue and white tiles from Delft, but I won’t be carrying them! :) We’re visiting Andry this weekend to get his opinion on the most important things to see in France.

I discovered something very interesting when booking flights online – at least when booking flights through Singapore Airlines’ web site. We’ll be flying into Paris, and then departing from Amsterdam. For this particular scenario, we were able to save $600 between us by booking two separate one-way flights rather than by building a multi-city itinerary. We’re on exactly the same flights that we would have been on had we booked using the multi-city itinerary builder. I called Singapore Airlines to find out why this was the case, but they couldn’t give me an answer other than to assure me that booking the one-way flights was a perfectly valid option. We’re not complaining!

With respect to my thesis, I finished writing a couple of days after Christmas. It’s already been proof read twice by Jaga and by me, so we’re definitely almost there. Give it another couple of weeks while I wait on a few more proof readers to provide me with feedback, and for me to then address their suggestions.