The Commanding Heights: reflection

When I started reading The Commanding Heights: The Battle for the World Economy, I said that it was well written and that from the very beginning the reader has a sense of where the book is going. Unfortunately, the book became a little bit too predictable for my liking. Almost every chapter followed the same Read more about The Commanding Heights: reflection[…]

The Kyoto Protocol takes effect

The Kyoto Protocol comes into effect today. A total of 141 industrialised nations have ratified the protocol and are therefore legally bound by it. The Kyoto Protocol has always been clouded in controversy. Of primary concern (to me anyway) is that even its proponents accept that the reduction in the average global temperature in 2100 Read more about The Kyoto Protocol takes effect[…]

Patriotism and knee-jerk reactions

Yesterday was a day of knee-jerk reactions, misunderstandings and jumping to false conclusions on my part. Some might know to what I allude, and the faster it is forgotten, the better. However, it seems that others may be guilty of perpetrating a similar crime against me. Maybe "crime" is a bit strong, okay, a lot Read more about Patriotism and knee-jerk reactions[…]