Devonshire Tea at Grant’s Reserve, Dandenong Ranges

This Devonshire tea review is somewhat delayed, and considerably outside our original reviewing scope of Brisbane and its surrounds. Nevertheless, we felt that Grant’s Reserve, just outside of Belgrave in the Dandenong Ranges near Melbourne, deserves its own Devonshire tea review.

Grant’s Reserve is set amongst tall tree ferns and towering Mountain Ashes. Upon arriving, you are greeted by crimson rosellas and sulfur-crested cockatoos. The indoor eating area is rather small, and if you are travelling by coach it is more than likely you’ll have to share a table with some of your fellow travellers. However, extensions to the building are underway and should be finished soon, creating extra seating.

Other than the close confines of the eating area, Devonshire tea at Grant’s Reserve is a delight. Each Devonshire tea comes with two scones and enough tea for about two cups. The scones are homemade, the jam and cream come in little pots and the cups are tea cups rather than coffee cups; so all the fundamentals are right. The scones are served warm and they taste absolutely delicious. The tea is good (not sure what brand was served). The china is rather plain, but who’s going to let something like that detract from the overall experience? Unfortunately, because Devonshire tea was included as part of the tour we did with AAT Kings, we don’t know how much it cost.

Grant’s Reserve is the perfect place to stop off for Devonshire tea if ever you’re in the Dandenongs. Excellent.