Patriotism preserves diversity

This year’s Australia Day got me thinking about patriotism and the role it plays in the modern world. I have often believed patriotism to be one of the greatest scourges afflicting the globe. The kind of patriotism that promotes self-righteousness and a closed view of the world exudes the most pungent of odours – an Read more about Patriotism preserves diversity[…]

Devonshire Tea at Grant’s Reserve, Dandenong Ranges

This Devonshire tea review is somewhat delayed, and considerably outside our original reviewing scope of Brisbane and its surrounds. Nevertheless, we felt that Grant’s Reserve, just outside of Belgrave in the Dandenong Ranges near Melbourne, deserves its own Devonshire tea review. Grant’s Reserve is set amongst tall tree ferns and towering Mountain Ashes. Upon arriving, Read more about Devonshire Tea at Grant’s Reserve, Dandenong Ranges[…]

Tony Blair on African poverty and climate change

Africa In a recent essay written for The Economist, British Prime Minister Tony Blair states that Britain will use its recently acquired presidency of the G8 to push for aid to Africa and to address climate change. Africa is a continent of massive potential. It is home to almost 900 million people. It has an Read more about Tony Blair on African poverty and climate change[…]

Evolution vs Intelligent Design

Two school boards in the US have made further challenges against the teaching of Darwin’s theory of evolution in science classes by offering Intelligent Design as an alternative. Their complaint is that the theory of evolution is not fact. My counter-claim is that Intelligent Design is not science, and has no place in the science Read more about Evolution vs Intelligent Design[…]