The Devonshire Tea Review

Regular readers of this blog will know that I have a penchant for Devonshire Tea. Karen shares this weakness, and we feel it is our civic duty to review as many establishments in Brisbane (and nearby places) that serve Devonshire Tea as possible. Our first review is of the Kuta Cafe at Mount Coot-tha, which we visited on Sunday afternoon. Of course, few cafes in Brisbane can boast a more spectacular view than the Kuta Cafe, and this was, perhaps, its main attraction. The Devonshire Tea itself, while far from bad, could have been better. The Kuta served us whipped cream on a plate and jam in little plastic packets of the kind you get in hotels or on a plane. Some, including Karen, may not be bothered by this, but when I order a Devonshire Tea, I like to get my jam in a little serving dish, and clotted cream in another; I take Devonshire Tea very seriously! The scones, however, were of a high quality. They tasted as though they had been made only hours beforehand, and they were warmed to the appropriate temparature for consumption. In short, they were just right. Tea was served in two small teapots, each of which held enough tea for two cups. Although I can’t remember the brand of tea that was used, it was of a decent quality. It was rather unfortunate, though, that the vessels from which we drank were Monte branded coffee cups! This was, according to my fellow reviewer, a serious oversight. A final misfortune was that we chose a rather windy day to visit Mount Coot-tha, and needed to ensure our packets of sugar and empty jam packets were firmly anchored down to prevent them blowing off our table and into the laps of the unsuspecting guests at the next table. Overall, I think the view from the cafe terrace more than makes up for any shortcomings in the Devonshire Tea, even for the hardest to please Devonshire Tea snobs like me. :) We paid just under $10 for two scones and two pots of tea.