The winner is… Sydney!

I submitted the MC2R paper today. I love writing papers on my own! I’ll be presenting the core ideas from that paper at the 2004 DSTC Symposium in mid-August. For some unknown reason, my presentation will be one of five given on the second day, which is the Participant Forum. The Participants are those companies and institutions who make up the board of the DSTC (or something like that). This includes companies like Telstra, Boeing, Sun Microsystems and the Queensland Government.

So we’re off to Sydney tomorrow morning. Our flight is at 8am. Flying Virgin Blue. Should be a good weekend, but apparently I’m not allowed to climb over the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Never allowed to ride my brother’s motorcycle either, for that matter.

I’m tired. Really tired. Six o’clock start in the morning. Hmm…