2004-05-27 13:17:59

The Champions’ League Final was played and won by Porto overnight. I was too tired to wake up and watch it. It’s very rare that I’m too tired to watch a football match! Yesterday the first match in the 2004 State of Origin series was won by NSW. I only got to see a small part of it because I was preoccupied with a phone call. It’s only Rugby League afterall. :)

The monthly NWWT meeting took place today. I was able to report my prototype was finished. The researchers and engineers working on the LiveSpaces project seemed very interested in my service discovery protocol. Hopefully they’ll want to use it in their work. I should also look at getting it integrated with the PACE work. But the PACE group is pretty busy at the moment.

I’ve almost finished marking the second COMP4301 assignment. Six assignments left to mark, I think. No more pracs to attend! But the third and final assignment is due on Monday.

I have to start working on the paper I’m supposed to be writing with Steven Livingstone. The paper is based on his honours work, which was about bridging Jini and Twine. There’s only about two weeks left before the submission deadline.

I should also have mentioned that Sasi submitted his thesis on Monday. Good luck to him. Hope everything goes well. We’re having drinks and/or lunch next week.

This blog is boring and needs sprucing up. Hopefully there’ll be some interesting material to report soon. :)