2004-01-27 12:13:37

So my hard disk died. Luckily, I now backup the important stuff, like this blog, for instance! :) So it was easy enough to restore. But I’m short a few MP3 files. We have most of those backed up on CD, though. Hard disk prices are amazing these days. I bought a 120GB disk for $158. That’s $1.30 or so per gigabyte! A few years ago that would have been unthinkable.

I was in thesis writing mode today, so I wrote another three or so pages. It’s the first time I’ve touched my thesis in quite some time. The bridge thing is coming on well also. I checked the high-level design with Jaga and she was pleased. It looks as though I’ll have an honours student to implement the bridge for me and to investigate various specification languages for translation tasks. Hopefully that works out well. Last year’s honours student was excellent. He ended up winning the DSTC prize for his honours thesis, which was to do with bridging INS/Twine and Jini. We should be able to get a paper out of that, especially seeing as though he will return as a Ph.D student this year.