2003-05-27 14:07:40

The G-G has finally resigned. Probably a good decision in the long run. The issue had rather consumed the nation for the past little while, and the Governor General shouldn’t be attracting so much attention, especially attention of the negative kind.

I’ve started implementing a scale-free version of a DHT. I should probably do some design first, but this thing is just supposed to be a prototype which I get can some performance statistics out of. It’s good to be doing some programming again!

I’m reading The Bourne Identity at the moment. It’s keeping me fairly riveted. Over 300 pages read so far, which means about another 200 pages to go. I should zip through the rest of the book, because the pace is quickening, the body count is rising and the thrills arriving with greater frequency. I enjoy Robert Ludlum’s style of writing. I’ve noticed that for me, the writer’s style is the most important determinant as to whether I will enjoy a book or not. For example, Douglas Adams could have written about absolutely anything and I’m sure I would have enjoyed it.

I’m generally going to bed earlier and waking up earlier these days. In my opinion this is a Good Thing™. However, as evidenced by the timestamp that will appear on this post, I’m going to bed a bit late tonight. I bet this stuffs up my biological clock for the next week. D’oh!