New York, NY

I’ve just returned from New York, where I was attending the PerCom 2007 conference in White Plains. The conference was okay. Some interesting papers on using RFID to do some clever things (one that I remember in particular was about using the weaknesses of RFID to do intrusion detection). This year, there were a few Read more about New York, NY[…]

How to Get Things Done

After a recommendation from Rhys, I read David Allen’s How to Get Things Done (called Getting Things Done (GTD) in the USA and elsewhere). I’d heard of GTD in various places such as 43 Folders and Tim Mansfield’s blog, and I’m positive that Ben mentioned it to me some years ago, but for one reason Read more about How to Get Things Done[…] gets a facelift has served as my personal website for many years now, although I think that it has been rather usurped by The Thin Line in recent times. To address this concern, will now serve as my professional website, documenting my research and listing my publications. The Thin Line weblog will now be the place Read more about gets a facelift[…]

My Christmas haul

I already mentioned that I was given the book Nineteen Eighty-Four for Christmas (by my parents-in-law). I’m enjoying it much more this time around than when I read it for the first time sometime during my teens. Karen bought me the new U2 CD, U218 Singles. It’s a compilation of U2’s greatest hits, plus two Read more about My Christmas haul[…]

Canon MVX430

Yesterday, in the post-Christmas sales, Karen and I bought a Canon MVX430 video camera. We’d been saying for a while that we should invest in a video camera to take on holidays etc. After reading all the reviews, deciding we didn’t need an absolute top-of-the-line camera and agreeing that we didn’t want to spend more Read more about Canon MVX430[…]