On Surveillance

I don’t have a problem with someone filming another person on their mobile phone in a public area where it’s obvious that many people are watching, so why do I have a problem with surveillance cameras in workplaces and some other locations? Isn’t that inconsistent? What’s the difference? I think the answer is that the Read more about On Surveillance[…]

Schulze & Webb: Awesome

Before I go any further with this post, I want to thank Ben for imploring the readers of his blog to check out this presentation from some guys called Schulze & Webb. These days, you get pointers to so much stuff out there on the web, a lot of it interesting, but a lot of Read more about Schulze & Webb: Awesome[…]

I’m a Mac, and I’m a PC

After a week of using the MacBook Pro that NICTA bought me (strictly for work purposes, of course), I gotta say, I love it! The MacBook Pro will be replacing my Windows desktop at work, and it’s also for taking back and forth between home and work and for taking to conferences etc. I’ve been Read more about I’m a Mac, and I’m a PC[…]

Inside NICTA

I’ve instituted a new post category on The Thin Line called “Inside NICTA”. NICTA is, of course, where I currently work. In this category I’ll be writing about things going on inside Australia’s information and communications technology Centre of Excellence, singing its praises and challenging it to be even better than it currently is, all Read more about Inside NICTA[…]