World Toilet Summit

Living in a developed nation, it’s easy to take things for granted sometimes. When one turns the tap on, clean water flows out of it. Hot? Plug your fan or airconditioner into the wall and switch it on. If you’re stuck without a ride, dial somebody (your mum, perhaps ;-) ) on your mobile phone and if you ask really nicely, they might come and get you.


While we enjoy these modern conveniences and basic amenities, 2 billion people around the world still don’t have access to a toilet! To address this problem, hygiene experts, town planners and environment specialists are currently attending the fourth World Toilet Summit in Beijing. They are formulating a plan to deploy loos to every corner of the earth, and to improve the hygiene standards of existing toilets. An admirable cause if ever there was one!

Tomorrow (Friday) is World Toilet Day.

(Via ABC News Online.)