Birthdays, Anniversaries and the Gold Coast

Had a very relaxing weekend, most of which was spent down at the Gold Coast. Pacific Fair provided much of Saturday’s entertainment. Japanese food for lunch. Wandered around Surfers Paradise looking for a nice place to eat. Decided on a nice little Thai restaurant. I don’t understand karaoke videos.

Sunday was Dad’s birthday and Mum’s and Dad’s anniversary. Sat on the beach for an hour or so, before heading back to Brisbane. Arrived home after more shopping at Garden City. We all went to dinner at a lovely little modern Italian cafe in Coorparoo. I think it’s called Embers. Definitely worth going to again. Mum and Dad enjoyed their day. Dad says he was looking forward to this birthday probably more than any other.

So basically, my weekend was spent relaxing and eating way too much. Enjoyed every moment of it!