2004-06-15 14:23:22

Troy was pretty much what I expected it to be: a Brad Pitt body-fest. But there were some good things in the movie too. Warning: there might be spoilers here. Eric Bana was not bad as Hector. I found myself wanting Hector to live. In fact I was hoping he’d give Achilles a right whipping. But this Hollywood blockbuster stayed pretty faithful to Homer’s Iliad, complete with the bit where Achilles drags Hector’s body around behind a chariot. Lovely. Although they were referred to quite a bit, the gods did not feature in the movie at all. This, in my opinion, was a good thing. Gods quarrelling amongst themselves is not my idea of entertainment, unless the script has been written by Douglas Adams, in which case the proceedings might be very entertaining indeed. In short, I wouldn’t start a war over Diane Kruger (who played Helen), and RGW assures me I am not alone in this view.

SRL and I finished off the paper we were writing on bridging service discovery protocols. We’re submitting it to a workshop in Lancaster. It is SRL’s first paper, so hopefully it gets accepted.

Lunch in the Valley on Saturday was kind of interesting. I had Honey King Prawns for the first time in who knows how long. I’d sort of forgotten about them.

Still reading Rebel Without a Crew and probably will be for some while.

Ye gods, it is not twenty past midnight!