2004-06-06 23:48:29

Sitting in the Indooroopilly food court on Saturday afternoon eating a Hungry Jack’s Vegieburger, Nigel and I observed about five women wearing ugg boots. I had no idea that the sheepskin footwear had become such a popular fashion in this country! I’d have less to say if I was sure that those boots were being worn for their practical benefits (i.e. warmth and comfort) rather than because they’ve become a trendy fashion item. They even have these lace-up uggs now, which don’t even look good for heaven’s sake.

Nigel and I were at Indooroopilly to watch The Day After Tomorrow. For the record, I’m still not sure what day that was. However, I quite enjoyed the story of mass destruction due to climate change. Okay, it probably wasn’t factually correct and the acting wasn’t of the highest standard, but let’s face it, you don’t go and see a film like The Day After Tomorrow or Independence Day for their closeness to fact and great acting. You go for the blockbuster effects and over the top plot. The chance to suspend my brain for a couple of hours was thoroughly enjoyed.

I added a new account to my machine and set up its .procmailrc to redirect any mail sent to it to my blog script, which Nigel modified, so that we can add posts to the blog database simply by sending an e-mail. There are probably security flaws galore, but I don’t care. I’ve added this entry with the new system. I’ve also started re-writing my blog servlet so that other people can have blogs customised to look like their own website. That’s the reason Nigel was helping me. As if he’d do it for free. :)